minecraft server

We are a fully custom 24/7 minecraft server. We use bungee cord so a lot of people can join at the same time. The new game that we just got is Factions thanks to iDrPotato and his staff team. Our server has many games, more than a normal server with Skyblock, Minigames, Factions, Skypvp, Pvp, SurvivalGames.

Our Factions Server

Our factions server is a 1.7.8 Minecraft server with a lot of ram to hold our infinant newly generated worlds. We use a really simple set of plugins so that it is easy for you to understand.

Survival Games

We have a very simple to use Survival games, just click a sign or do /sg spectate. We have a very powerful server with SSD hard drives.


Our minigames server has the folowing minigames: OneInInTheBattle, BlockHunt, BedWars, MarioCart, TNTRun, TNTSpleef, DrawMyThing, MobEscape, Snake.


Our SkyBlock server gives players a giant invisable plot of land floating in the air, either with 2 islands, difficult island, or the simple island.